In March this year I organised a one-day research symposium on production design in cinema at Lancaster University. This video is of the introductory keynote paper by Prof. Sir Christopher Frayling, which includes a historical survey of approaches to film production design and outlines some of the key issues for scholars and critics studying this field of film production and aesthetics.

The video opens with my introduction in which I set out the context for the keynote paper and the papers and discussions across the rest of the day (and I hand over to Christopher at around 9 minutes).

Frustratingly, copyright restrictions mean that we were unable to include in the video the many stills and production sketches with which Prof Frayling illustrated his talk, but we have included captions to indicate what was displayed on the screen during the presentation. In any case, Christopher is a very engaging and knowledgeable speaker and so this is a fascinating and informative talk.